The Future of Suppression Technology

Mad Minute "Active" technology converts explosive energy of a fired round
into mechanical energy within the suppressor.

Suppressing More Than What You Hear

Operator Focused

Technology Driven

Mad Minute suppressors offer a leap in performance, employing advanced technology and innovative design. Our focus is on first responders, operators, and warfighters. Our mission is to deliver the best suppressors available, capable of enhancing operator effectiveness and safety, reducing shooter detection, and maximizing lifecycle value.

We suppress more than what you hear. While our competitors focus on one or two performance characteristics, we suppress all key parameters: sound, flash, heat, pressure, recoil, gas and particulates — all in affordable, mission-tailorable configurations.

Forged in the Crucible of War

Operator Value

  • Superior Multi-Signature Suppression
  • Reduced Point of Impact Shift
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Field Serviceable and Maintainable
  • Mission Configurable to Tailor Suppression Levels and Mobility
  • Multiple Calibers – One Suppressor
  • Unsurpassed Sustainability and Value

How We Compare

Mad Minute Industries vs. Competitors

Agency Value


Enhanced durability and reliability with advanced design, materials, and coatings

Unsurpassed sustainability with the ability of the operator to disassemble, clean, and replace individual components


Tailorable/configurable to meet the suppression and mobility requirements of any mission, weapon, and ammunition

Enhanced accuracy and weapon operations under even the most extreme conditions with advanced gas management


Configurability enables one system to satisfy multiple missions, substantially reducing acquisition costs

Modularity enables unparalleled sustainability and reduced lifecycle/ownership costs

Suppressor Sound Graph

Mad Minute Background

Mad Minute was born from the intensely personal experiences of a former special operator and his brothers in their fight to protect our freedom and liberty. From their experiences across the world, in operations of every kind, emerged a technology that enables them to deliver lethal force without being heard or seen. Forged in the crucible of war, Mad Minute suppressors enable our warfighters and first responders to control the first moments of any engagement, to strike at a time and place of their choice, and to remain in control until the desired outcome has been secured.

Mad Minute Suppressors – Advanced, Innovative Design.

Mad Minute Leadership

Robert Dorne, Chief Technology Officer and Inventor

Rob is a former special operator having served our nation in operations with names, and in locations around the world, only his brothers would recognize. He is a firearms expert.

James R. May (Bubba), Internal Controls Officer

Bubba is a former U.S. Air Force Officer. In his most recent position, he served as the Operations Officer, 1st Special Operations Maintenance Squadron, Air Force Special Operations Command, in which he was responsible for ensuring readiness of the unit’s MC-130P Combat Shadows and AC-130U Gunships (Big Spooky) supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

John Johns, CEO

With 35 years of experience working in Defense and Aerospace, John has served in executive positions with the Army, Navy, the Office of Secretary of Defense, and in overseas assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has led projects and programs that span the weapon system lifecycle from research and development, engineering, and acquisition management, to logistics, sustainment and readiness. In his last position with the U.S. Government, he served 7 years as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance in which he was responsible for oversight of an annual operating budget of approximately $80 billion in support of the maintenance of all U.S. weapon systems from aircraft carriers to small arms. And most recently, with Northrop Grumman Technology Services, as Director of Strategy and Global Relations, he enabled corporate capability development, growth, and profitability across a full spectrum of Defense, Civil, and International programs.

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